Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dish - By Request

Pull up a saucer and get ready: today we do our Dish By Request show. Meow! Thanks to all of you listeners who emailed in your must-know video clips and photos featuring knifestyles of the rich and famous.

First we'll start with the boys. I very recently refused to see Wild Hogs, the film about middle-aged men gone wild, but apparently most of you did pay the $6.50! The four men on a roadtrip (Tim Allen 54, John Travolta 53, William H. Macy 57, and the baby of the bunch Martin Lawrence 42) all play their age and have the bodies to match their parts. They look unoperated. The only juicy tidbit I could discern was Travolta's dependence on an elaborate hair system in his public outings - and, well, other sorts of public outings.

Now supporting actor Ray Liotta (52) is a different matter. Sometime after the wrap and before August 2006, he underwent eyelid surgery and what appears to be microfat transfer to his face. (The patient's own fat is carefully withdrawn, processed, and re-injected in micro droplets where acne scarring is present.) His handsome bad boy look has been replaced by a freakish squint and distorted mouth. He has what may be the worst upper lid blepharoplasty I've seen in a male star - look carefully and you'll see the incisions. His hooded eyes are now slits, a permanent squint and even lower brow line. About 50% of the transferred fat will reabsorb by one year's time, but it accentuates the creases of his oral commissure and unbalances the lower third of his face.

Katie Couric (50) is the nightmare patient: the surgeon's work is on high-definition view every evening for the world to judge (okay, CBS only pulls in 7 million). Fans everywhere panicked when America's smiley cheerleader transformed into a glowering anchor - a forehead that didn't move, eyebrows sharply arched. Oh no! Oh yes: botox injections require quite a bit of finesse and there was an obvious learning curve here. Her glabellar muscle was over-treated, springing the eyebrows apart and depressing the medial (inner) two-thirds of the brow. The outer third of the brow is released upward by injecting the lateral canthal area of the obicularis muscle which encircles the eye orbit. Too much and the result is that classic look-of-death that children receive from their mothers when teetering on the edge of public misbehavior. What you see on-camera now is a more skillful application of botox. The injections weaken, but don't freeze, the muscles of the forehead and the eyebrows retain some natural expressiveness.

And everybody's favorite girlfriends? Courtney Cox (43) says:
There are huge changes in my body and my face, and I obsess over them. I just try not to have too many mirrors around.
Her new show Dirt is all about remaking her into a mean, evil muckraker. The lighting, make-up, and camera angles all conspire to erase her charm and good looks. Combine that with weight loss and the natural facial fat atrophy that occurs with the onset of one's 40s, and you have the changes on display. Courtney Cox's only obvious surgical intervention has been lip fillers. Her surgeon has done a good job maintaining the natural lip proportions for someone of her ethnicity (the lower lip is 1.5 times the size of the upper lip). But she could look a lot better if she gained some weight.

And all that broo-ha-ha about Jennifer Aniston's (38) cleavage at the People's Choice Awards? Puh-leeze, ask any tranny, adhesive tape is a girl's best friend. Combined with a tight-fitting bodice you get the look Aniston was sporting that night. She has openly discussed the revision septoplasty recently performed by a prominent Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon (her first was 12 years prior). Straightening her c-shaped deformity probably required some work on the nasal pyramid as well; it's difficult to straighten either the external nose or the septum in isolation.

And sadly, we have to report that Sharon Stone (47) has effectively erased her glamor. The lovely, subtle threadlift she underwent a few years ago has been poorly revised along with the installation of a set of breast implants. Basic Instinct II has been called
....a prime object lesson in the degradation that can face Hollywood actresses, especially those over 40.
Her face is now strangely inert and ill-at-ease, her breasts Barbie-like. She's become oddly generic and striving, the opposite of her former cool, blond self-assurance. Let's just remember Sharon as she once was (at right). See the movie if you want reality.

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