Monday, September 20, 2010

Scarlett Olive Fans

ere are some links and pictures for you followers of The Scarlett Olive. Ready to explore more Old Hollywood glamour?

Click on this link to see the pictures that go with The Scarlett Olive podcast on Hollywood style in the pre-1960s era. Related posts can be found below.

Plastic surgery has defined beauty for today's younger woman, particularly breasts. That's why young girls all want bras with the Victoria's Secret implant look. See Which Breasts Are Best? or Christmas Cleavage or Dish With Lori & Julia for an eyeful.

And it's changes how we see Older Women on TV. The menopausal women we Boomers knew as children have ceased to exist in Hollywood.

Before there was photoshop and surgery, Old Hollywood relied a lot more on lighting, makeup, and special effects. Technicolor in the '50s brought about lots of changes in Does She or Doesn't She hair color. Hair pieces were worn by men and women both. Toss those Tweezers! Eyebrows went through all sorts of fashion trends, starting with the first talkies. And actors and actresses got old (Hollywood's True Nightmare).

Do Hollywood Hunks age the same? Male actors do teeth (Blinded By the White) and hair surgery (Give me a Head of Hair), but some get Frightful Facelifts right along with the rest of Hollywood (A Picture is Worth....).

The death of Kanye West's mother (Fatal Attraction) is an example of all the stars lining up wrong (see Fade to Black for the follow-up). Sometimes, though, it's a matter of not following Nancy Reagan's advice and just saying no, no more! Rhinoplasty is the most demanding of all cosmetic procedures and the least forgiving of excess (Regrettable Rhinoplasties).

And then there are the patient-physician collaborations resulting in just plain Freaky Faces.