Thursday, May 22, 2008


Sad to say, even the best of us can be laid low by....sciatica. And me, too. Not the least bit glamorous, but there it is. Next broadcast and posting in June! Send your topic requests in now and take my mind off this horrible nerve pain.


martinkorben said...

i would love an article on small procedures you would suggest getting done while relatively young to avoid major cosmetic surgery later in life.

ANNE said...

Sure thing– check out this "Early Intervention" May 2007 posting and let me know where you want to go from there!

Minneapplegirl said...

I'm going to throw some out, and maybe you haven't talked about one before.

mother-daughter or sibling rivalry sculpt contests.

post op recovery hide outs and or special post-op treatments the rich and famous like.

plastic surgery customs for the rich and famous in other countries.

g-spot enhancement (where they do something to make the big O better)
I can't remember what it's called


ANNE said...

oooh, this could be fun! Instead of matching mother-daughter outfits we go for surgery? Ivana and Ivanka? Priscilla and Lisa Marie? Or more sibling surgical rivalry à la Ashlee and Jessica? Hmmm. Or why on earth can't stars as rich as Mrs. Ritchie keep from parading their postop bruising for the paparazzi?

As for the big O...I'm not sure even Oprah has found a celebrity guest willing to cop to tweaking the Grafenberg Spot.